We create innovative digital care solutions on the edge of your imagination!

Mobile Solutions

We investigate and create mobile health solutions for patients. Mobile health offers cost-effective health care solutions using ever-expanding mobile technologies. It is closing distances, improving patient care and monitoring chronic diseases in real-time.

Machine Learning and aging health

We are investigating the relationship between life activities such as playing a musical instrument or taking a walk in nature and cognitive health across the lifespan, using machine learning methods and longitudinal large datasets.

Digital health design

Innovative breakthrough care solutions help patients in chronic conditions such as elderly, to live independently by addressing their everyday needs by creating and delivering the highest standard of care.

Computational Neurotech lab

The Digital Health Hub is creating successful digital health solutions for real-world applications. It represents an initiative to accelerate health innovations through SFU’s partnership with Fraser Health, City of Surrey and many others within the emerging Surrey Innovation Boulevard. Innovation Boulevard, in its exciting development stages, encompasses a broad-based partnership of academic and health tech industry players in the region.

The most innovative patient-centered advanced solutions will touch the lives of the people we serve to make a better world to live!

“SFU, City of Surrey, and Fraser Health are quickly being recognized as leading the world in bringing new solutions to the health and economic challenges we face. The Digital Health Hub will serve as a major asset within the emerging health technology ecosystem for Innovation Boulevard” Dr. D’Arcy

Our mission is to be an international applied research and innovation leader in digital health solutions. We are a proud part of the “Innovation Boulevard” project which runs from the Surrey Memorial Hospital to SFU Surrey and the goal is to be the power engine and driving force for Fraser Health’s vision of “Better Health. Best in Health Care.” through our strategic partnership with:

Simon Fraser University

THE ENGAGED UNIVERSITY: To be the leading engaged university defined by its dynamic integration of innovative education, cutting-edge research, and far-reaching community engagement.

Fraser Health

Our clients say

""We want to harness new opportunities in the health technologies industry, which is worth about $300 billion a year. We have state-of-the-art health facilities and the brightest minds at work in Surrey.
Mayor Dianne Watts - City of Surrey
"The goal of the Surrey Campus to become a globally recognized leader in health sciences, innovation and technology is an important development for Surrey and for Simon Fraser University!"
Andrew Petter - President, SFU
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